About us


We are a children's ethnographic/folklore ensemble from the city Kyjov, where seventy children aged of four to fifteen regularly dance, sing and play. We have currently two children groups and a group of young and children's musicians also plays in the Cimbalom music band of Kyjovánek.

We are based in the city Kyjov and are dedicated to developing children's folklore and traditions typical in the Kyjov surroundings.
During our existence, many generations of children have passed through the ensemble, and many of them have strengthened their relationship with folklore, songs and our traditions. Youths continue to develop their abilities as dancers, musicians and maintain not only of Kyjov's traditions also in their adult lives. We dance, sing and play in traditional north Kyjov traditional costumes.

Members and the leaders of the ensemble's dance groups changed significantly after 2021 and children groups are led by Jana Jelínková, Jarmila Bochýnková, Agáta Šalšová and Adéla Růžičková nowadays. The group works under association named "Folklorní sdružení Kyjov" (Folklore association Kyjov) and is organizationally led by Leoš Poruba.

Younger Kyjovánek 4-10 years

The smallest and younger children who recognize what folklore entails and what kind of beauty it actually is, learn dances, games and rhymes mainly from their older friends. Currently, approximately ten boys and twenty girls attend it. The group meets every Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Older Kyjovánek 11-16 years

Thirty young friends who have been involved in folklore almost since they were babies and today they are skilled child dancers and singers who represent our ensemble, our city and region everywhere they can. The dance group has been operating for over fifteen years, it is regularly supplemented by talented children from Younger Kyjovánek, and generations of young folklorists who continue to work not only in their native Kyjov region have passed through it. The group meets every Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Youth cimbalom music band of Kyjovánek

Youth cimbalom music band was founded at the beginning of the new era of the ensembele and since then it has brought together musicians who accompany dance groups during performances. During its existence, many excellent young musicians have passed through it and those then continue to devote themselves to folklore music even as adult musicians.
Cimbalom music band is also playing independently, for example during Christmas and other concerts. We are currently looking for new young musicians from the second half of 2023. Do you play a folk music instrument? Contact the organizational leader and come to us. Maybe we'll take you to the party :-)

... and history of Kyjovánek

The roots of Kyjovánek go back to 1975, when up to six groups of children and youngsters were active in Kyjov, dedicated to folklore and traditions. In 1998, the Kyjovánek children's ethnographic ensemble was founded under the direction of Hana Vašulková. The ensemble gained fame not only at home, but also on foreign tours, for example in 2011 with a successful trip to South Asian Taiwan. Since 2013, the group has been led by Adéla Klingelová and Naďa Klimešová, and the author of the choreography and music director has been Pavel Růžička for a long time. The ensemble continued to work with mainly children's folklore material from the Kyjov's Dolňácko region, which was then successfully presented not only at festivals in the Czech Republic, but also abroad (Croatia, Poland, Russia, Turkey...). The ensemble also regularly participated in the competition shows of children's folklore ensembles, which are held once every two years. In the years 2003–2017, he was selected several times to represent South Moravia in the national round in city Jihlava. It has also received special awards several times here, and thanks to this it ranks among the best ensembles in the Czech Republic.
The last successful tour was in 2023 when Kyjovánek was again awarded in national round of competition shows of children's folklore ensembles.

In addition to festivals, Kyjovánek also liked to spread joy with his performances in retirement homes or social care institutions or at annual Christmas concerts.

The authors of many choreographies were Hana Vašulková, Adéla Klingelová and Pavel Růžička.