Representation of DNS Kyjovánek in Florence, Italy

Ensemble leaders established cooperation with the expatriate association ARCA in Florence (Amici della Repubblica Ceca Associati) and representatives of the Czech Consulate there (Consolato onorario della Repubblica Ceca) in the spring of 2023. On October 26-29, 2023, with the dancers of Older Kyjovánek and cimbalom music band, we took part in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the compatriot association ARCA, as well as the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the Czech Republic directly in Tuscany - Florence, Italy. We have prepared an hour-long music and dance program for Czech compatriots and Italian organizers. The responses to our performance from the public audience, from the representatives of the expatriate association and from the guests from the consulate and the cities of Impruneta and Florence were enthusiastic and completely satisfied.
We also really liked it in Florence, and the whole act was the culmination of a whole year's hard work and rehearsals.

We greatly appreciate the support of the city Kyjov and the South Moravian Region, without whose this event, which was highly appreciated and praised by all listeners, compatriots and representatives of the consulate, but which was far beyond our financial capabilities, could not have been carried out.